The new base that you absolutely need.

Now, I’ll be honest with you, I was sure I wasn’t going to like this product. I like my foundations to be pretty full coverage, not cakey but I like the airbrushed look, so when I saw that this was marketed as the “no makeup look” I thought, uhh I think I’ll pass. 

But, oh my goodness! I actually love it. It gives a lot more coverage than I expected and the finish is dreamy.

On good skin days, I slap a bit of this on, blend it out with my fingers, dust on a bit of powder, and I’m good to go. But on those not so good skin days, I add a bit of concealer on any problem areas for a bit of extra coverage. And if your skin is in need of some serious coverage this works really well as a sort of primer as well, I wouldn’t recommend using this as well as foundation for everyday, but if you want you’re skin to look flawless for photos or a special event this works really well to give you that extra coverage without looking like you’ve layered on loads of makeup.

This bottle of effortless satin-y goodness goes for $44 and in my opinion is worth every single penny.


4 thoughts on “The new base that you absolutely need.

  1. I was in the same position as you !! I wasn’t sure if I had to get it or not , I thought they were lying !! Thanks for the confirmation! I can’t wait to buy it now , the price will be worth it !

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