All Natural Skincare, that works.

     So, for anyone who’s new around here, I have a wedding coming up; MY WEDDING.  And as any beauty obsessed bride to be would, I’ve been piling on the skin care in the hopes of having the perfect glowy skin when I walk down the aisle.


It was kind of fate (if you believe in that sort of thing) that I met Yasmine Jones, of Bella Aura Skincare a few months ago. After discussing everything beauty and skincare , and after a few glasses of wine (shh) I knew that I absolutely had to give this range of products a try.


Yasmine is incredibly passionate about the products that she created after suffering from   problems with her own skin caused by stress and grief. Like many of us, she tried everything, but nothing worked. 

We created five products. Our concept is to create a line of multifunctional products that are suitable for all skin types. Our mission is to create real skincare products for real people.

Now, I’ll stop rambling , the full story behind the brand can be found on Bella Aura’s website and I really encourage you to go and have a read for some real girl boss style inspo.

*side note- follow @bellaauraskin on instagram! Yasmine is always posting the best tips and tricks on their story! 



I’ve ditched all of my other skincare products for the last six weeks-ish to give Bella Aura a real go. And while I don’t believe in “miracle products” I have seen a real change in my skin. Overall, my skin looks much more glowy, youthful and healthy.

But, the real standout product in this range for me, was the Antioxidant Booster. This product was designed for dull, tired, acne prone and overworked skin. Um, hi, sign me up. 

I applied the Antioxidant Booster every morning and evening mixed with my moisturiser. I think its easy to get sort of caught up in the hype of skincare products and we kinda convince ourselves that the products are doing amazing things when they’re actually pretty mediocre.

BUT, you can’t argue with science , and this product is full of ingredients that lead to this plump, even, and smooth skin that I’ve been left with.



Rutin, one of the key ingredients has a really high anti-oxidative capacity and helps to produce collagen. Which explains the sort of plump look your skin is left with. As well as Rosmarinic Acid from lemon balm , (lemons good for all sorts of detox I guess) gives stronger antioxidant activity than vitamins C & E.

I mean, you just can’t argue with that right?

Unfortunately my bottle of antioxidant goodness has run dry, but its a product that I will never hesitate to repurchase!

If you’re looking for an all natural skincare brand with an amazing story (we all love a good story) and even more amazing products, I highly recommend giving Bella Aura a go!



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