Coffee & A Catch Up.

  So its been a while.. and I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on an insanely busy Summer. When was the last time I even checked in?! I have a feeling it was post-wedding , which honestly feels like a lifetime ago. But I won’t spend three or four paragraphs rambling on making excuses for myself.

   Like I said, this Summer was busy. After spending three weeks running around Disney World and cruising around the islands with Coye (do you want a late honeymoon post?!) it was back to work and back to reality.

     But with things starting to slow down, and Fall right around the corner, I’m excited to slip back into my routine and for things to go back to normal around here , so expect to see a lot more content popping up!


   This Sunday had me feeling major Fall vibes, well, minus the heat. Thanks Bermuda. We ventured up to St.Georges which we haven’t done in absolute ages. We grabbed fresh donuts and set out on the hunt for a good cup of coffee. The perfect Sunday right? 

Theres something about the Summer months that makes time seem to just fly by. Laying on the beach and by the pool is fun and all but I’m one-hundo percent a Fall and Winter kind of girl. Nights spent cuddling on the couch watching festive movies are what I live for. I’m so ready, just hoping that this weather starts to cool down!


Well, this turned out to be a sort of all over the place ramble, but just wanted to pop on to say hey, haven’t forgotten about you and there will be a lot more content popping up around these parts over the next couple of weeks. So make sure you’re subscribed so you never miss a post and follow me over on instagram to keep up with me on the day-to-day!


*coffee shop photos were taken inside Victoire Cafe + Cycle Club

*photography- Coye 

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