Why Its Okay Not To Have It All Figured Out.

I remember being thirteen, hanging out with my best friends, talking about our future weddings, dream jobs, houses, cars, just how perfect our adult lives would be in general.

I remember thinking how by the time I was in my twenties I would have it all figured out. But heres the thing, my twenties felt so far away back then. Now, here I am , in my twenties and feeling like I couldn’t be further from having everything together.

I’m married to the love of my life and get to wake up to his face every single day. I have a job, amazing friends and a beautiful place to live. But somehow, it doesn’t seem like enough. Is this yearning for more a bad thing?

I say no, maybe its okay to not have it all figured out just yet. Maybe its okay to get married first and figure it out together. Maybe its okay for your life to not go to your thirteen year old self’s plans.


Life has a funny way of taking its very own course on its own time frame. So maybe, you don’t have your dream job just yet, and you’re still working on getting that car but as long as your working towards your goals, whats the rush?

Enjoy the journey, and stop comparing your life to everyone else’s. I promise if you spoke to the people you envy you’d find that their lives haven’t exactly gone to plan either. Not many things do.

Stay focused, stay driven, set goals and remind yourself of them every day. If  you’re not where you thought you’d be, so what? Maybe you’ll never be where you thought you’d be but I promise you’ll always end up exactly where you’re meant to be.

Don’t beat yourself for not having everything figured out. I’ve never met anyone who does.

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