It happens to the best of us, you wake up in a great mood, you’re laying in bed thinking of all the things that you have to get done, trying to pull yourself out of bed if only to grab a much needed cup of coffee, and then you grab your phone off your nightstand  for your regular morning scroll.


Your Instagram feed is no doubt, full of people who’ve been up for ages, been to the gym, posted a morning selfie on their story, looking far more glamorous than any normal person should look this early in the day…and it begins. You start comparing yourself  to this feed of highly edited, posed and curated photos.

Now, this is not a dig at these people, we all do it, I do it. Who doesn’t want their feed to look “aesthetically pleasing”? I’m not saying its wrong and that we need to stop posting our best and favourite moments online. What I am saying is that we’ve got to stop comparing ourselves to other people’s highlight reels.

It is far  too easy to get lost in the countless photos of perfectly made lattes, smoothie bowls, bikini bodies, flawless skin and the list goes on… but I’m going to let you in on a little secret, none of it is real. Absolutely none of it. Nobody’s life looks like their instagram feed. Nothing is perfect. Trust me, there have been many mornings my coffee has gone cold before I got to it because I was trying to get the perfect ” casual shot” of it on top of my ruffled sheets, while simultaneously trying not to spill it everywhere (I don’t always succeed) for my instagram story.

I’m not saying to “quit social media” , I’m simply reminding you to scroll mindfully. Not everything you see on your feed is real, and it certainly isn’t an accurate representation of how “together” your shit is. So stop comparing yourself to what you see on the screen, the grass is rarely ever greener on the other side.

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